Free Legal English Exercises

Below, you’ll find lots of free legal English exercises to help you test and develop your basic legal English skills vocabulary and writing skills.

I’ll be adding new vocabulary exercises every Tuesday, so make sure that you bookmark this page to continue improving your core legal English vocabulary skills.

Please click on a link to download a pdf and start an exercise.

Weekly videos: redraft legal English exercises & develop your professional writing skills

Every week, I post content on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Patreon, to help you develop your legal English writing skills.

  • Tuesdays: I post legal English redrafting exercises for you to think about,
  • Wednesdays: I post a video from my online course to help you develop your professional English writing skills, and
  • Fridays: I post my suggested answers to Tuesday’s video.

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Other Free Legal English exercises:

Other excellent legal English resources

Here are some links to other legal English exercises which are designed by teachers who really care about teaching legal English and helping students to learn necessary basic legal vocabulary. I strongly recommend that you visit them and check them out!