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Really important article from Prof. Kimble in the Michigan Bar Journal

My most important plain English resource

The Michigan Bar Journal (MBJ) is a fantastic resource for all things to do with plain English. In fact, in my opinion, the MBJ is the most influential plain English resource on the internet. You can find it by clicking here.

For me personally, it has introduced me to:

  • the main authorities in plain English,
  • the main guidelines about how to write in plain English,
  • new ideas of what plain English is, and
  • before and after examples of legal English being changed into plain English.

Further, the MBJ plain English column keeps me up to date with how plain English is developing in the legal and business writing worlds. It is free of charge, and covers a huge area of issues related to plain English. I cannot recommend it enough.

In fact, the article submitted for February is one of the most important and interesting articles on the MBJ for so many reasons. There is information for people new to plain English, and for people like me who have been working in plain English for a few years. In the article, Prof. Kimble talks about his recent testimony given to promote the use of plain English in drafting legislation and regulations. You can download it directly here.

To summarize the main points, I put together this short video – please watch it, enjoy it and share.

Here are some of the links that I talked about in the video:

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