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Learn plain Legal English on YouTube – Section 3: structure

Plain English in Law: Structure

This is the third and final part of my first legal English writing course.

Section 3: Contested

I called this section ‘structure’ as I thought that all the units in this section would help a drafter to best organise their writing – of course taking into account all the lessons in section 1: basics and section 2: the contested as well.

On reflection, I think most of the information I present does help you organise your text better, but the focus towards the latter units drift back onto mistakes to avoid in your legal writing.

One of the reasons for redesigning my course (and adding lots of new units) was because I decided the information could be better presented and organised. Despite this, as with all of the videos from my course, they still are good resources and with over 60,000 views (across all of the videos) they hopefully still will be good resources into the future.

I hope you find these videos useful. If you would like to find out more about my newly redesigned course, please click here.

Unit 13: Tabulation and parallel phrasing

Unit 14: Linkers

Unit 15: Emphasis

Unit 16: Substitution

Unit 17: Modifiers


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