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Learn plain Legal English on YouTube – Section 1: the basics

Plain English in Law: The basics

My new legal English writing course

My course at WrittenLegalEnglish, and the website itself, has gone through a number of reincarnations – it is now a much better resource for lawyers or business people who are looking to improve their writing and communication skills.

Compared to my old course, my current course has:

  • over 30 lessons, almost 50% more than the original course,
  • newer content,
  • better explanations,
  • more background,
  • better organization of materials, and
  • much more authority (referencing to plain Legal English authors).

My new course has developed significantly despite being based on the same principles that convinced me as to the benefits of plain English almost 10 years ago.

My old legal English course is still relevant

BUT, even though my course has developed, the content I produced for (as it was then), is it still relevant today and still gets lots of viewers on my youtube channel:

So, I thought it would be good to put all my old videos together – section by section – to give you a good resource and help you get an understanding of the basics of plain English and how you can use plain English to improve your legal or business English writing.

Section 1: the basics

Originally, I thought it would be a good idea to group my content into 3 sections. The first section was called ‘the basics’ and went through the information I wanted you to know first. At the time, this was the ‘core’ information I felt you had to know before going to develop your finer plain English skills. I realize now, and the feedback I received showed, that my initial approach rather threw my students into the deep end!

However, I still think the video content is useful and, although it could be (and is now) organized in a better way, it will help you get a good understanding of the main principles of plain English. If you have any comments about the videos, please feel free to leave them below.

To see all the videos for ‘Section 2: the contested’, please click here.

Lesson 1: The active voice

Lesson 2: Sentence Length

Lesson 3: Glue words v working words

Lesson 4: Nominalizations with ‘be’

Lesson 5: Nominalizations with other weak verbs

Lesson 6: Of the


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