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Online legal English writing course – join me in October!

Do you want to improve your legal writing? Join me online!

Starting 7th October, I’ll be teaching my legal English writing course online and, for those of you who are in Warsaw, I’m also teaching my course face-to-face.

This course is the full course that I have been teaching in law firms and bar associations, and it is an improved version of the previous course at WrittenLegalEnglish.com.

The two main aims of my legal English writing course.

This course:

  1. is an English language course which teaches you:
    • the writing skills which are absent from nearly all high-level business and legal English coursebooks, and
    • the grammar skills which benefit and harm your writing, and
  2. teaches you the plain English principles you need to learn to meet the modern drafting standards which are now promoted across many English-speaking jurisdictions around the world

Focus on the most valuable English skill set in Law.

Writing is the most important language skill a lawyer needs. My online legal English writing course gives you the English language advice you were not given in other English language courses. Therefore, this course will directly benefit your work and communication with clients and peers. Moreover, in improving your writing, your speaking will also improve – this is not true in reverse.

For example, in my course, I won’t simply say:

“Q7. Write a memo about …”

as you find in many English language coursebooks. That doesn’t benefit anyone – not you, not your boss, not your client.

This course sets relevant writing tasks based on real contexts to practice the teaching points you’ll learn. Further, I’ll give you honest feedback – the kind of feedback that you need but don’t get when working with clients. If your writing successfully includes the teaching point from the lesson and achieves the task’s communication goal, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know about that as well!

Benefit from authorities in legal English and their materials.

You might not be aware, but efforts have been made by authorities in law and legal drafting to improve how lawyers write for over 50 years. Laws have been passed encouraging better writing, and legal jurisdictions have made it a condition for lawyers and law firms to communicate to clients in a way that can be understood.

The good news is, the rules for writing better legal English are known and are universal across many languages. Authorities in this area such as: Bryan Garner, Prof. Kimble, and Peter Butt amongst others, have written books, articles, and studies promoting the use of better legal English. Laws have been rewritten to adopt this new style of legal writing. There are plenty of great materials out there – but not many people know about them or are using them.

My online course brings together:

  • the most well-known legal English writing authorities,
  • their research and studies which are available online for you to read, and
  • my online course – developed based on my experience working with lawyers,

to ensure you: know why you need to improve your writing, know how you can improve your writing and practice improving your writing.

Bryan Garner’s ‘Legal Writing in Plain English’

When I started teaching plain English and better legal English writing style, Bryan Garner’s book provided the backbone for my course. It still does today. This is a fantastic book which is full of great information, but for self-study, it can be a challenge. Certainly, if you’re new to plain English, then you might need some extra help in understanding the key points in this book.

My course will help you to understand the points discussed in this book and to really benefit from the materials within. I will discuss many of the units in this book on my course, so if you have this book and want to work with it – let me help you with that.

Find out more about my online legal English course.

If you want to find out more about the course, please watch the video below, read this article or contact me using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you – and remember, my courses start on 7th October, and please remember to use the 10% discount code on all courses: 10%LinkedIn.

If you want to sign up to my online course, please click here.

If you want to work with me in Warsaw, please click here.

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