Free Legal English Exercises, Plain English re-writes

Free Legal English Exercises: Re-writing in plain English 4

Hello Everyone,
In this week’s exercise, I’d like you to redraft two short texts into plain English.
To find out more, please see the video below 🙂

Here are the texts I’d like you to ‘translate’ into plain English:

Text 1:

This program promotes efficient water use in homes and businesses throughout the country by offering a simple way to make purchasing decisions that conserve water without sacrificing quality or product performance.

Text 2:

Once the candidate’s goals are established, one or more potential employers are identified. A preliminary proposal for presentation to the employer is developed. The proposal is presented to an employer who agrees to negotiate an individualized job that meets the employment needs of the applicant and real business needs of the employer.

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It’s as simple as that 🙂

This video shows you how to do it.


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These texts come from the excellent website

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