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Weekly legal English re-drafting task: Unclear antecedents

Hello Everyone!

This week, we’re going to look at a mistake that a lot of native speakers make – that of unclear antecedents.

Have a look at the sentences below and see if you can identify the problem. Once identified, redraft the sentence to remove the problem.

• It is evident that criminals exploit the online system to make fraudulent applications for universal credit and claim advance loans. It is difficult for the police to identify.
• The fraudsters remain inventive in their acts and the police seem to be playing catch-up and slowly are becoming more effective. What they will do next remains open to question.

If you want to find out what unclear antecedents are, check out:
my old explainer video or

Here’s a video of me going through today’s task:


It’s the end of the week, so to find out my comments on the sentences for this week, please watch the video below.

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