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Business reasons for improving your written legal English.

Did you know that your written legal English could be turning clients away? And that by improving your written legal English, it can benefit you and your clients leading to more repeat business? In this post, I want to share some resources that explain the business reasons for improving your written English, the English on: your website, the information sent to your clients, or other promotional materials.

Case studies have shown that the business reasons for improving written English include: getting new clients, retaining your clients, saving you money, saving your clients money, and improving your image.

To find out more, check out these resources written by Prof. Kimble. Below, you’ve got the original paper (38 pages long), and you’ve got a 2-page summary.

I strongly recommend that you find out how improving your written legal English will benefit your company.

This post is an amended version of my original post on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/your-english-turning-clients-away-find-out-why-simon-porter/


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