Plain English re-writes

Well done Koleje Mazowieckie!

I’m not sure when it happened, but I’m very grateful it did happen. At some point over the last few months, Koleje Mazowieckie changed their horrible non-English information sign to something that actually makes sense, and fulfils the purpose of a piece of information i.e. allowing a reader to understand what is written.

Here is the link to my original article criticising the sign:

Here’s the new sign:Well done Koleje Mazowieckie!

It’s still not perfect (‘inactivated’ is the wrong word, the list is missing an ‘or’ between the second and third points, and the text about “an addition payment … 20 Jan 2005” could be written in a clearer way), but it is a vast improvement on the original.

So, good work Koleje Mazowieckie.

But, there’s still work to do. Consider this sign:

I had a nibble at this before in this article:

However, as the sign remains unchanged, this is what I would suggest (changes in bold):

Your 6 basic passenger rights on our railway:

  1. Trouble-free ticket purchase
  2. Safe travel
  3. Facilities for passengers with reduced mobility
  4. Easy access to information on our facilities available for disabled passengers
  5. Indemnity against death or injury, and lost luggage in line with our baggage liability policy
  6. Passenger protection (what is this exactly?) if Koleje Mazowieckie breaches our obligations to you

You can find information about your passenger rights on regional trains at Koleje Mazowieckie ticket counters and on the Warsaw Railway Transport Office website:

As always Koleje Mazowieckie, yours to use if you wish.