Why do you have to improve your legal English writing skills?

Successful lawyers know that to be successful, they have to use their legal English writing skills to communicate effectively.

They know that having poor writing skills loses clients and makes them look bad in front of their peers.

It’s estimated that over 90% of a lawyer’s communication is in different forms of writing, and so successful lawyers understand that legal English writing skills are the most important legal communication skill they possess.

Legal English doctrine fully supports this. Legal English writing experts know the benefits of good legal English writing and have taught thousands of legal students how to write better. The books they have authored have allowed many more people to improve their writing skills.

Read what legal English experts say in my post ‘why improve your legal English writing skills?

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How do you improve your legal English writing skills?

At first glance, the ‘how’ seems to be quite easy – just learn the guidelines. In the 1980’s, legal English academics and practicing lawyers agreed guidelines about how to write clear legal English. In 1986, the Securities and Exchange Commission was one of the first organisations to insist on using these guidelines when writing to the public.

These guidelines are now mandated by law in the US, and accepted as best-practice in numerous other jurisdictions around the world – including in the European Union.

Practice and studies have shown that learning and using these writing guidelines will improve your relationships with your clients, grow your reputation, and make you and your clients successful.

However, if it was as easy as ‘just’ learning the guidelines, everyone would be writing effectively – and that’s clearly not the case. Improving your legal English writing is much harder than it seems. Too find out more, please read my blog post here.

Where can you improve your legal English writing skills?

Normally, legal English writing courses normally take place in law schools – mostly in the US.

Therefore, you have to rely on legal English books. However, these books don’t present all the guidelines or give you personalised feedback. This makes developing your legal English skills difficult – an answer key cannot explain why.

My online course at WrittenLegalEnglish.com:
explains why you should improve, and explain the academic and doctrinal arguments,
shows you how to you can improve your English legal writing skills – the guidelines you need to know, and
gives you personalised feedback on how well you are learning the guidelines.

Anyone can do my course, law students, lawyers, engineers, academics – anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and communicate effectively.

To find out more about the course I offer, please have a look at the options below or in my shop.

If you prefer to use a legal English book, please read my guide to choosing the right one and the legal English books I recommend.

Choose an online course & improve your legal English writing skills!


  • Access to all units, questions, and teaching materials,
  • Study when and at any speed you like, and
  • Receive personalised written feedback on your answers, with suggestions and encouragement.

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  • All the features of Bronze,
  • But, instead of personalised written feedback, you will get personalised video feedback as I discuss your answers in more detail, highlight areas to work on, and offer other suggestions and encouragement.

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  • All the features of Silver, and
  • 16 online meetings, 45 minutes long, on Skype or Zoom to discuss your answers, highlight areas to work on, and to offer encouragement.
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What happens at WrittenLegalEnglish.com?

On this course, I will teach you the ‘why’ i.e.:
• the background you have to understand to improve your legal English writing,
• the correct way to approach your writing to make your writing successful,
• the evidence that shows you the effects of following these guidelines, and

and the ‘how’ i.e.:
• the guidelines that will quickly improve your writing skills, and
• the English writing errors you were never taught at language school.

I will give you the feedback you need to improve your writing. When answering the questions, you might not understand everything, but I will encourage you and help you to understand and apply each guideline correctly.

There are 31 units on this course – a lot of material to cover. It will be hard work, but improving any skill takes time and persistence. But, I’ll be there to help you to improve your legal English writing skills.

To find out more about me, please watch the video “who am I?”

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