About WrittenLegalEnglish

About WrittenLegalEnglish

Hi, my name is Simon Porter. I developed WrittenLegalEnglish to tackle one of the biggest problem areas regarding legal English skills; namely, writing skills.

I’ve been an English teacher since 2006, and have worked exclusively in the legal market since 2010. It’s clear that there is a big education gap when it comes to writing skills. Commercially available courses (law or other) do not focus on writing skills which can lead to significant communication problems.

As writing is the most important legal communication skill a lawyer can have, this should lead any legal professional to think about improving and developing their writing skills.

This course, which I’ve run in the law firm where I work as a teacher and proof reader, teaches lawyers the most important plain language writing skills. Since the 1970s, plain language has been replacing ‘traditional legalese’ as the language of law. If you watch my video on why you should improve your legal writing you’ll find out more. One thing is evidently clear, plain language is a global legal trend and all lawyers will have to implement plain language writing principles into their writing.

I hope that this course will help you to develop your legal writing skills as it has done with all the lawyers that I work with. If you have any questions about the course, please do not hesitate to contact me.